Antique Balochi 2.8' x 10'

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Carpet ID MB2632
Manufacturing Hand-Knotted

2.8' x 10'

Knot density                                         -
Age Antique
Origin Persian
Pile Local Wool 
Base Wool and Cotton Mixture


Name: Balochi 

This rug is made in remote areas in Afghanistan by weavers who have been inspired by current surroundings as well as generations old designs passed down in families from different reigons.

This rugs has everything handmade, from the base to the dyes. The wool used is made from natural vegetable dyes. The carpet is extremely durable with powerful colours. They are stone washed giving it a glossy look.

A rug like this truly holds a long history and artistic value and is well worth the price. 

With proper care and maintenance, this rug will last you a lifetime. They are special and highly appreciated by collectors and home-makers. Needless to say, it holds its value quite well and is definitely worth the price!

Carpet sizes are approximate and may not be exactly as above mentioned, a difference of few inches in the width and length might occur.

Looking the rug from different directions will affect how the colours are perceived.

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