Pakistan Persian

This is our collection of the most premium quality hand-knotted Pakistani rugs. Each of our rugs are hand-knotted, hence they are unique-it's almost impossible to find one which looks exactly the same as the other. Here, have different sizes and colours for you to choose from.

Centuries ago, when Persian weavers and artists migrated to the Sub-Continent (Pakistan & India), they brought over their expert craftsmanship. Over the years, they continued their rug weaving producing these beautiful rugs. The designs on these rugs are extremely complex and with a high number of knot density, they are one of the finest and most durable rugs in the world. Persian techniques and designs are found on these Pakistan Persian rugs. Needless to say, these are just spectacular.

The quality depends on the knot density, the types of materials used and the complexity of the design. Buying from us, you are guaranteed to to get the highest quality rugs made with the finest materials, making them a sound investment.

Carpet sizes are approximate and may not be exactly as above mentioned, a difference of few inches in the width and length might occur.
Looking the rug from different directions will affect how the colors are perceived.
Tribal Rugs are all made with different knot densities and usually knot densities are not considered to affect the quality of the rug.






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