Our Story

Hi, thanks for stopping by. My name is Talha, and I along with my father Iqbal, run The Rug Store Hong Kong.

 Talha Mubashir-The Rug Store Hong Kong

That's me, Talha.

Our Story

The Rug Store Hong Kong has the finest hand-knotted carpets and rugs collected from all over the world. After doing this for over 30 years now, we know what we're doing. 

It all started when my father came to Hong Kong, selling carpets and rugs all over Hong Kong. He soon made a name for himself in the carpet industry in Hong Kong. Our business is still family owned being run by the second generation (me). After multiple requests from loyal customers who had moved out of Hong Kong but still wanted to purchase rugs from us, we decided to go online with our gorgeous online store. We ship direct to you without any middle men from our store as seen in pictures below.

Our Physical Store

Our Rugs

We collect extremely fine carpets from rug Paradises such as Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan from individual family weavers. We have a huge collection of beautiful handmade rugs available in different colours, styles and sizes. Floral, Geometric, Antique, you name it, we have it. If incase you can not find a rug that melts your heart, contact us, we might have something in store for you!

As this is a family business, we make frequent trips to our Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan or Turkey to pick out diverse rugs. Our collections are frequently updated.

Our Quality and Prices

Because we deal directly with weavers, we avoid any middle-men and brokers to keep our quality & prices the best. As all our Rugs are hand-picked, they are bound to be of very fine quality and will certainly last you a lifetime. All our rugs are thoroughly inspected before being sent out to our customers. When you buy from us, you are getting the finest rugs at the best prices.

My Father, Mubashir Iqbal

Mubashir Iqbal-The Rug Store Hong Kong

Our Background and Authenticity

Carpets and Rugs have been our family business for over 50 years now. We are physically located in Hong Kong with a very large loyal and satisfied customer base. . Our online store has made purchasing a rug from us extremely easy. Choose a rug you like and we'll ship it you the next working day.

Iqbal Carpets (Our Parent Business Name) is a well-known name in the carpet industry in Hong Kong. All our rugs are authentic and hand-knotted from the mentioned regions and materials.

We also provide professional carpet repair and restoration services. To know more, contact us.

Our Ethics and Morals

We handpick our rugs from weavers, we take great responsibility to make sure no children were made to work on these rugs and the weavers were not underpaid for their work. Each hand-knotted carpet takes a very long time and a skilled artisan to put together, isn't this why a rug is a piece of art? We make sure the weavers are paid fairly. 

A lot of our rugs are collected from family based weavers who make hand-knot rugs to support their families. These rugs each have a unique story to them!

By buying from us, you can rest assured your magnificent rug was made fairly by skilled experts who were well-paid or families who were well compensated for their rugs. Because we handpick our rugs, we are assured that our rugs are ethical and moral.


Our Physical Store




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