Reason to Buy A Handmade Rugs

Why Should You Buy A Rug?

When looking at a rug, people are often torn between the price tag and the benefits of owning a rug.


It takes well over 2 years to get a medium sized handmade rug ready, made by expert weavers who have learnt how to knot rugs for years long, but that is not the only reason why you should consider getting a hand-knotted rug. Each and every rug is unique and made by weavers who are inspired to create such designs from their surroundings and current social situations. Each and every rug has a unique history to it.

When purchasing a rug, you are not just buying an addition to your furniture, you are buying a piece of art which is unique and takes lot of craftsmanship and skill to create.

Every time you look at your rug, you will be able to imagine the amount of work it took from top weavers in order to create such a wonderful piece of art.

Investment Value

Carpet weaving industries and capitals all over the world are taking major hits due to various reasons, for example the Afghan carpet industry is declining due to the ongoing wars and un-stable government while the oriental carpet weavers in Pakistan has been affected by war too. 

Needless to say, the supply of handmade rugs is limited and they are not mass produced. What that means is that the number of handmade rugs will not be increasing much anytime soon as people are leaving traditional weaving jobs to rather get educated and find jobs in the modern world.

The value of a well preserved rug increases steadily over the years without any doubt. And because each rug is unique as no two rugs are made the same, they are a very safe and sound investment.

Home Decor

You finally have the perfect bed, curtains, shelves, sofas, chandelier, but wait, something is missing, thats an oriental handmade rug! That's right! A handmade rug will add character and profile to your home, it will make your home look the way you want it as you can find handmade rugs in all sorts of designs and colours such as modern Gabbeh rugs or Tribal Afghan rugs or even floral Persian rugs. All of these will add a unique and individual looks to your house as every rug is one and you can't find a similar one.

So purchasing a unique rug doesn't only give you the satisfaction of a perfect home but it also subtly shows off your sense of design in home decor.

A Valuable Present

 As we always mention, carpets are ever lasting piece of art, with regular professional carpet cleaning from reputable carpet experts like us, and repairs when necessary, your carpet will most certainly last forever. Like they say, you don't own a carpet, you simply take care of it for the next generation. A fine handmade carpet of high quality can be passed down generations. It carries all your sentimental feelings generation upon generation, making it an even more pleasing purchase.

Purchasing a oriental rug is a very special moment, it's like love at first sight, when you see the perfect rug, you instantly fall in love with it and when you get to see it in your home everyday, you re-live the moment every time. 


To conclude, buying an oriental handmade carpet will be one of the best decisions you make, not just for you, but for your generations to come.




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