Buying A Handmade Rug

Buying a handmade carpet or rug can be intimidating for a first time buyer, but don't worry, we are here to guide you all the way through!

Where to Start?

The million dollar question, where to start?

The first step in buying a handmade rug is asking yourself what purpose your handmade rug is going to serve. Is it to be put near the front door? Is it going to be placed under your chandelier to add more character to your house? Is it going to be put on the stairs? Are you gonna place it in the busiest part of your home?

Different rugs have different characteristics and will play different roles for you. For example, Handmade Persian Rugs or 100% Silk Rugs will make your house look just magnificent and hence, they are mostly placed in places with low traffic but high visibility to show off their excellent colours and exquisite designs. 

Afghan Tribal rugs whereas are very very durable, designed to survive extremely harsh conditions in remote areas, they will do very well with high traffic. These handmade tribal rugs will also not lose their shape so easily, therefore placing them under heavy furniture will not be a problem.

Pakistan Persian rugs whereas are very durable and they have complex designs with lively colours, making them perfect companions for your home decor. Even with high traffic, they will thrive.

Different Types of Rugs?

Persian (Iranian) Rugs

Persian carpets were first mentioned around 400 BC, by the Greek author Xenophon in his book "Anabasis". Rug weaving is a big part of the history and culture in Iran. Among Oriental Carpets, Persians are the oldest, in fact, rug weaving in Turkey, Afghanistan and Pakistan were all introduced by the Persians at various times, it was originally the Persian carpets which led to the Afghan rugs, Pakistani carpets etc.

Iran's carpet weaving industry has taken big hits due to war and economical crises but still, Carpet weaving plays a major part in it's economy. Synthetic dyes were a big competition for natural plant based dyes used for by Persian carpet makers. Synthetic were cheaper and easier to produce but lacked the craftsmanship and originality of natural dyes. Now buying a handmade rug online has never been easier with the Rug Store HK providing such services.

Hand-woven Persian carpets and rugs are regarded as objects of high artistic and utilitarian value and prestige from the first time they were mentioned by ancient Greek writers, until today. Persian rugs are recognisable by their fine wool, bright and elaborate colours, and specific, traditional patterns.

Common designs include Nain, Qum, Tabriz, Isfahan, Tabriz, Mashad, Keshan.

Pakistan Persian Rugs

Years ago, when Persian weavers and experts were forced to flee Persia due to different reasons such as poverty, war or the government, they migrated to Pakistan. They have since then settled there and built family roots in Pakistan, but the most exciting part for us is that they brought over Persian designs and skills and combined it with the durability of Pakistan and Afghan Rugs. This resulted in Pakistan Persian rugs, which of course you can shop online on The Rug Store Hong Kong. These rugs are of excellent quality both material wise and design wise, they have very elegant and exquisite designs but are extremely durable too. 

The carpet weaving industry in Pakistan is taking big hits and fading due to lack of support from government and mostly due to terrorist groups on the border side. These groups dominate rural and remotes areas where a lot of weavers make their living. However, the core of Pakistan is safe from such atrocities and the carpet weaving industry there is doing well.

A Hand Woven Pakistan Rug represents durability and elegance. They carry high value around the world for their extraordinary Persian Rugs Inspired designs and high durability. 

Because most of these handmade rugs have handmade Persian carpets Inspired designs, their names are similar to that of Persian Rugs.

Tribal Afghan Rugs

To protect themselves from the elements, handmade afghan rugs or more commonly known as tribal rugs were weaved. Mostly weaved by nomads who live in remote areas with harsh climates, these rugs are extremely durable. Most weavers who weave tribal rugs are nomads, and these rugs are totally inspired by the social situation, the environment or the time of the year etc. No sketches or pre-made designs are there for weavers to follow but instead a symbolic design is passed down generations. For example, a certain family might have a pattern which is put on every rug they make, so in each weaved rug from that family, along with the artistic and inspired design, there will be a standard format which is followed, that is the family pattern. Have a look at our collection of handmade rugs online.

Due to terrorists groups on the rise and very prevalent wars in Afghanistan, it's very tough for weavers to produce quality rugs, some have even moved to refugee camps on the Pakistan border to continue weaving rugs. 

Characterised by their dark and dull colours and geometrical designs, afghan rugs are some of the most durable rugs you'll ever find as their core purpose was to survive in harsh conditions, so they will do more than fine in your house even with loads of traffic. 

Common designs include Kazak, Kafkaz and Khal Mohammmadi, Chauabay and Balochi.

Traditional Pakistan Rugs 

The carpet industry in Pakistan has actually been around for well over a hundred years. It all started during the end of the Mughal regime and start of the British rule. The British wanted rugs and fine carpets produced locally, so it all started. People started producing rugs for a living, and over the years, they have perfected the art of rug weaving. You can find our handmade carpets here.

These beautiful carpets have bright colours with both geometrical and floral designs which depend on the family and the location where the rug was weaved. These rugs are very soft and comfy yet durable enough for an elephant to walk on. The biggest difference in these traditional Pakistan carpets and Pakistan Persian carpets is the type of material used and the designs. Persian Pak rugs are a little bit harder than Traditional Pakistani handmade carpets. The designs on the Persian carpets are also more complex and Persian inspired compared to traditional rugs.

Common designs include Bokhara, Lahore Floral, Sarouk and Princess Butterfly.

Bottom Line

At the end, it really comes down to what you are buying your beloved carpet for and how much you are willing to spend, however, keep in mind, a rug's value and beauty is not even a little affected by it's price.



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