Persian Rugs

This is our collection of the most premium quality hand-knotted Persian rugs. Each of our rugs are hand-knotted, hence they are unique-it's almost impossible to find one which looks exactly the same as the other. Here, we have different sizes and colors for you to choose from.

Persian carpets are created from the finest materials in the world by experts who have spent years to master the art of rug-weaving. Weaving a Persian rug with the extremely complex design is no piece of cake, on top of that, the extremely high knot density makes it even harder to make. After years of work by several individuals, you get a Persian rug. It is well worth the price you pay

Persian carpets are amongst the most beautiful and durable carpets in the world with different regions having developed their own distinctive patterns and styles. The use of high quality wool, natural dyes and refined craftsmanship ensures that these durable carpets have a very very long lifetime and make for an excellent investment as the production of these rugs is slowing down.

Carpet sizes are approximate and may not be exactly as above mentioned, a difference of few inches in the width and length might occur.
Looking the rug from different directions will affect how the colors are perceived.
Tribal Rugs are all made with different knot densities and usually knot densities are not considered to affect the quality of the rug.





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