Lahore Floral 4' x 6'

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Carpet ID MB2455
Manufacturing Hand-Knotted

4' x 6'

Knot density approx 400 knots per inch²

About 25 years (not used)

Origin Pakistan
Pile Marino Wool and Silk 
Base Cotton


Name: Lahore Floral

This carpet is made with fine wool and silk and has a fairly high knot density which makes it a very durable carpet. Today, these carpets are considered to be some of the finest carpets manufactured in Pakistan.

Made with 100% Marino Wool, which is considered to be one of the highest quality wools from New Zealand and Australia, it is highly durable and of a very soft texture.

With proper care and maintenance, this rug will last you a lifetime. Because everything from the sketch of the rug to the dyes (colours) are handmade and the rug takes well over a few months to make, it is well worth the price! 

Carpet sizes are approximate and may not be exactly as above mentioned, a difference of few inches in the width and length might occur.
Looking the rug from different directions will affect how the colours are perceived.


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