Nain 6' x 9'

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Carpet ID MB2717
Manufacturing Hand-Knotted

6' x 9'

Knot density approx 500 knots per inch²

About 25 years (not used)

Origin Pakistan
Pile Worsted Wool and Silk
Base Cotton


Name: Nain

Made from core of Pakistan all the way to the border side, these types of rugs are the finest rugs weaved in Pakistan.Extremely complex designs and high knot densities make these rugs very fine and durable. In fact, one of the most durable rugs in the world. Exquisite designs and extremely high durability make this rug one of a kind! 

These weaver of these carpets are often inspired by Persian designs and the quality of these carpets is extremely fine.

With proper care and maintenance, this rug will last you a lifetime. Not only are they special and highly appreciated by collectors and home-makers, it takes a few years on average to create such a piece of art. Needless to say, it holds its value quite well and is definitely worth the price! 

Carpet sizes are approximate and may not be exactly as above mentioned, a difference of few inches in the width and length might occur.
Looking the rug from different directions will affect how the colours are perceived.


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